Feniex Fusion LED Emergency Lights

NEW!! Feniex Fusion S Emergency Lights: FMS Accessories is pleased to offer a new model of the Feniex Fusion S light which features six LED's that generate an excellent light output with a 40 degree view angle and offer extraordinary value for money. The new light is a non-flashing single-color version, so there is no flutter when used in cruise light mode. Used in combination with the Emergency Light Multiplier (available separately), lights are provided with black aluminum mounting frames, PVC wire protection and BMW waterproof terminal connections already installed. Available in Red, Blue or Amber, the lights can be mounted on the FMS Accessories license plate bracket, FMS Accessories rear antenna mount bracket, FMS Accessories rear side brackets, or surface mounted on the back / side of saddlebags, side of radio box, etc. Lights include a five-year warranty from Feniex Industries for this application. Order Fusion S light mounts separately below in Related Products.

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Caution:  The Feniex Fusion LED light is polarity-sensitive and can be damaged if connected with reverse polarity!  Observe the harness connection polarity (Red + / Black -).  Check connectors to ensure that polarity is maintained.  

Note:  If installing license plate mount to an RT with civil bags, license plate spacer kit will be needed to provide clearance with the civil saddle bag.  Otherwise, the outside light mounting bolts will rub against the saddlebags.

Note:  The addition of this or other accessories does not change the overall load limits of your motorcycle - always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for loading. 

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