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CHP Motor Build Kit

Kit of parts to assemble a CHP bike. Quickly order a kit to build a CHP motorcycle. Kit includes all special CHP parts but does not include common parts also used in a build. Note that Low Band Antenna and Low Band Antenna Mount are shipped separately due to size / weight - all other items will be shipped in one box per kit.

PTT Switch / Radar Remote Mount - CHP

The PTT switch / radar remote mounting bracket for CHP . Requires mounting using the handlebar accessory mounting bolt kit.

Halogen Map Light - CHP

Halogen version (retro version) of the map light for use on California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycles with high output radios that otherwise energize the LED version during radio transmit. LED map lights should be recommended for all other motors.

Handlebar Accessory Mounting Bolt Kit

FMS Accessories offers the bushing and bolt kit needed to mount various accessories to the handlebars on the K52 / 2015 - 2022 R 1200 / 1250 RT-P including radar remote controllers, microphone mounts, cell phone holders, etc. The kit includes a special aluminum bushing, stainless steel washer and pan-head stainless steel Torx head bolt. The kit is available in standard length as well as +5mm longer bolt for use when multiple brackets are attached to one side. The M10 Torx head bolt already has encapsulated thread locker on the bolt end - the Torx head enables you to apply the required 40 Nm of torque as specified by BMW without deformation. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 841

Stalker Radar Display - CHP

Dashboard display mounting bracket for the special CHP version Stalker moving radar. Note later version with TFT dashboard has a different mounting bracket for the special CHP version Stalker display. Select from the drop-down box.

Siren Amp Mounting Bracket - CHP

Mounting bracket for CHP siren amplifier mount inboard of RH saddlebag.