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CHP Motor Build Kit 2024

Kit of parts to assemble a CHP bike. Quickly order a kit to build a CHP motorcycle. Kit includes all special CHP parts but does not include common parts also used in a build. Note that Low Band Antenna and Low Band Antenna Mount are shipped separately due to size / weight - all other items will be shipped in one box per kit. Kit reflects changes with 2024 PO's. Low Band Radio Antenna is now deleted / NLA.

PTT Switch / Radar Remote Mount - CHP

The PTT switch / radar remote mounting bracket for CHP . Requires mounting using the handlebar accessory mounting bolt kit.

PVP PTT Switch / Radar Remote Mount - CHP

The PVP PTT switch / radar remote mounting bracket for CHP. Requires mounting using the handlebar accessory mounting bolt kit. New version of previous switch mount for use with PVP PTT & PTPA buttons.

Halogen Map Light - CHP

Halogen version (retro version) of the map light for use on California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycles with high output radios that otherwise energize the LED version during radio transmit. LED map lights should be recommended for all other motors.

Handlebar Accessory Mounting Bolt Kit

FMS Accessories offers the bushing and bolt kit needed to mount various accessories to the handlebars on the K52 / 2015 - 2022 R 1200 / 1250 RT-P including radar remote controllers, microphone mounts, cell phone holders, etc. The kit includes a special aluminum bushing, stainless steel washer and pan-head stainless steel Torx head bolt. The kit is available in standard length as well as +5 mm and +10 mm longer bolts for use when multiple brackets are attached to one side. The M10 Torx head bolt already has encapsulated thread locker on the bolt end - the Torx head enables you to apply the required 40 Nm of torque as specified by BMW without deformation. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 841

Stalker Radar Display - CHP

Dashboard display mounting bracket for the special CHP version Stalker moving radar. Note later version with TFT dashboard has a different mounting bracket for the special CHP version Stalker display. Select from the drop-down box.

Siren Amp Mounting Bracket - CHP

Mounting bracket for CHP siren amplifier mount inboard of RH saddlebag.

CHP Radio Mounting Plate w/Hardware

CHP radio mounting plate consists of a stainless steel base plate and a second angled plate to complete the assembly on the LH side. Plates include riveted cable tie points and cable tie "trees" to secure cables to floor plate at M5 threaded inserts.

Siren Wiring Harness - CHP

Wiring harness for CHP / Code 3 Siren system on MY2019+ CHP models. Harness is complete with 10A fuse and all connectors for quick installation.

CHP Ground Strap Kit

CHP ground strap kit includes a bonding strap from the auxiliary battery to the radio box floor plate, along with a ground wire from the radio box floor plate to the heat sink in the rear emergency light pod.

DB25 Right Angle Adapter - CHP

DB25 right angle adapter for CHP radio connection. Changes angle of DB25 plug on primary radio chassis.

Radio Speaker Wiring Harness - CHP

Radio speaker connections for CHP models only - completes connection from BMW dashboard speakers to CHP radio system. Two harness components.

Radio Power Connector Kit - CHP

Radio power connections for CHP models only. Three harnesses. Radio main power connection cable, audio amplifier power connection cable, radar power connection cable. New version will now feature the Ferrite ring filter w/cable tie on the ground wire side of the radio power cable.

Radio Power Filter - CHP

Ferrite filter used on the CHP power filter ground side to reduce noise in radio. Ground wire should pass through filter, loop underneath, then pass through filter again. Secure around outside shells with cable tie.

Horn Relay Wiring Kit - CHP

Wiring kit to relay the civil horn function for CHP motors to allow civil horn function through F2 handlebar switch function up to 30 minutes after ignition-OFF. Relay is located behind RH knee panel - loop plug is located behind LH knee panel.

Repeater Antenna Mount - CHP

Mounting bracket for CHP repeater antenna mount on left front emergency light pod. Includes bracket, bolt, rubber washer, KEPS nut and ground wire.

Low Band Antenna - CHP

Laird special version WPC39SOB-003 version antenna with 55.25" mast. 39-47 MHz, 50 ohm, 100W, 2 dBi gain, omnidirectional. NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM FMS. CONTACT LOCAL CHP OFFICE TO OBTAIN REPLACEMENT ANTENNAS.

Low Band Antenna Mount - CHP

Mount for CHP low band antenna, complete with support struts and hardware. Note: Warning label is part of Code 3 build kit.

Authority Lower Switch Cover - CHP

The lower authority switch on each side of the motorcycle is fitted with a special switch cover during the up-fitting of CHP equipment by the selling dealer. In the event of switch failure, the switch covers should be exchanged with the replacement switch. If the switch covers are damaged / broken, replacements can be ordered.

Siren Speaker Mute Plug

Special plug for 2019+ CHP motorcycle siren speaker connections to test speaker in workshop. Mutes speaker to volume suitable for environment with other workers. Warning: For workshop testing purposes only - not for use while riding motorcycle! Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.

CHP Ticket Book Box

Special aluminum ticket book box created for the California Highway Patrol, right-hand mounting with special tight-fitting mounting bracket. Dimensions are: 7 7/8" long x 3 1/8" wide x 9" tall. Wall thickness: .100". Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments. Note: The addition of this or other accessories does not change the overall load limits of your motorcycle - always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for loading.

CHP Rifle Mount

FMS Accessories produces an assault rifle mount with specific requirements of the California Highway Patrol. These changes include a raised RH rail guard, large charging handle slot as well as special lower support with integrated heat shield specific to CHP. Additionally, kit includes long rifle mounting bracket, shielded Santa Cruz Gunlock with CA round key, new anti-magnetic lock shield built into rifle mount, fitted helmet lock, rifle cover, mounting hardware and instructions.

FMS LVD Power Timer - CHP Version

The FMS LVD Power Timer switches fused battery power to accessories such as radio equipment, emergency light flashers, computers / printers, relay banks, fuse blocks or other accessories that require power starting with IGN ON, then extended after IGN OFF based on preset run-time extension of 60 minutes for CHP. The integrated LVD Low Voltage Disconnect protection will cease the timed extension if the battery voltage drops below the preset level of 9 volts for longer than 30 seconds. The LVD feature preserves the battery from deep discharge / extends battery life. See details below.