CHP Build Parts

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CHP Radio Mounting Plate w/Hardware

CHP radio mounting plate consists of a stainless steel base plate and a second angled plate to complete the assembly on the LH side. Plates include riveted cable tie points and cable tie "trees" to secure cables to floor plate at M5 threaded inserts.

Siren Wiring Harness - CHP

Wiring harness for CHP / Code 3 Siren system on MY2019+ CHP models. Harness is complete with 10A fuse and all connectors for quick installation.

CHP Ground Strap Kit

CHP ground strap kit includes a bonding strap from the auxiliary battery to the radio box floor plate, along with a ground wire from the radio box floor plate to the heat sink in the rear emergency light pod.

DB25 Right Angle Adapter - CHP

DB25 right angle adapter for CHP radio connection. Changes angle of DB25 plug on primary radio chassis.

Radio Speaker Wiring Harness - CHP

Radio speaker connections for CHP models only - completes connection from BMW dashboard speakers to CHP radio system. Two harness components.

Radio Power Connector Kit - CHP

Radio power connections for CHP models only. Three harnesses. Radio main power connection cable, audio amplifier power connection cable, radar power connection cable.