CHP Build Parts

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Radio Power Filter - CHP

Ferrite filter used on the CHP power filter ground side to reduce noise in radio. Ground wire should pass through filter, loop underneath, then pass through filter again. Secure around outside shells with cable tie.

Horn Relay Wiring Kit - CHP

Wiring kit to relay the civil horn function for CHP motors to allow civil horn function through F2 handlebar switch function up to 30 minutes after ignition-OFF. Relay is located behind RH knee panel - loop plug is located behind LH knee panel.

Repeater Antenna Mount - CHP

Mounting bracket for CHP repeater antenna mount on left front emergency light pod. Includes bracket, bolt, rubber washer, KEPS nut and ground wire.

Low Band Antenna - CHP

Laird special version WPC39SOB-003 version antenna with 55.25" mast. 39-47 MHz, 50 ohm, 100W, 2 dBi gain, omnidirectional.

Low Band Antenna Mount - CHP

Mount for CHP low band antenna, complete with support struts and hardware. Note: Warning label is part of Code 3 build kit.

Authority Lower Switch Cover - CHP

The lower authority switch on each side of the motorcycle is fitted with a special switch cover during the up-fitting of CHP equipment by the selling dealer. In the event of switch failure, the switch covers should be exchanged with the replacement switch. If the switch covers are damaged / broken, replacements can be ordered.