New FMS BT Audio Amplifier

Stock Arriving Soon! The New FMS Bluetooth amplifier provides handlebar switch control for changing volume, mute, and advancing playlist songs ... all from a single momentary button! This new amplifier, Made in the USA, mounts to the inside radio box lid with Velcro, connecting to the BMW fairing speaker plug. See below for momentary button availability and power source selection.

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Made in USA!
Utilizes momentary push buttons (if available) on 2015+ RT-P model F1, F2 or PTT2 (PTT2 must be coded to momentary operation) via the helmet headset plug.  If no handlebar switch buttons are available, an optional momentary button is available provided that your 5th & 6th position on your speaker plug are not already being utilized.  The two wires already in the harness connect the momentary button.  These two wires have also been used on the USB/Voltmeter kit FMSA-USB-4 so they may not be available. If that is the case, run your USB / Voltmeter from a 67" cable to the auxililary battery.  
Bluetooth amplifier with 25 watts per channel enables you to listen to your phone's music, GPS, etc. through the police motor fairing speakers.  Available with your choice of three power input sources (ACC II-III, Radar Plug or Radio Power Plug).  Comes complete with custom-made power cable based on your designated power source.  
For most installations, the radar plug (6A) is ideal, followed by the ACC II or ACC III (2A) plug will work fine, though note that the amplifier may not run at full volume if the battery voltage is low on these connections as they are only 2A.  However, setting the unit at a lower volume and controlling the volume with your phone volume controls normally provides more than ample volume for listening while riding.
Note:  If multiple devices are being powered by the radio circuit, you can use BMW's "Y" harness to divide the circuit utilizing BMW connectors.Fits 2015 and later BMW R 1200/1250 RT-P models.  
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