FMS LVD Power Timer - CHP Version

The FMS LVD Power Timer switches fused battery power to accessories such as radio equipment, emergency light flashers, computers / printers, relay banks, fuse blocks or other accessories that require power starting with IGN ON, then extended after IGN OFF based on preset run-time extensions from 15 min. up to 1.75 hours. Great for authority or civilian applications. The integrated LVD Low Voltage Disconnect protection will cease the timed extension if the battery voltage drops below the preset level (9 or 11 volts) for longer than 30 seconds. The LVD feature preserves the battery from deep discharge / extends battery life. See details below.
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The timer is activated when the ignition is turned ON and has the following features:

1. Direct connection to the motorcycle battery, with minimal parasitic load (less than .05 mA) when OFF, so the battery will not discharge noticeably when parked - even for long periods.
2. Selectable run-time after ignition OFF in 15 minute increments. Activate any or all of the DIP switches to total the amount of time you wish the FMS Timer to stay ON after ignition OFF.  Example: DIP #1 ON + #2 ON = 45 minute run-time after ignition OFF
3. LVD low voltage disconnect protection to save battery from severe discharge. The timer is programmed to shut-down when the voltage drops below 9v or 11v for more than 30 seconds regardless of remaining run-time, so that battery is not deep discharged which can otherwise permanently damage the battery. DIP switch #4 selectable for either 9v OFF or 11v ON. 9v for auxiliary batteries, 11v for primary batteries where MC restarting is required.
4. An LED indicator shows steady when IGN ON, blinks after ignition-OFF to indicate run-time count-down function.
5. The battery power line is fused directly up to a maximum of 15A.
6. The timer can be secured with screws through the holes provided (3.5" on center), or by using high quality Velcro.
7. The timer is potted to protect from weather, vibration and shock.
8. Made in USA exclusively for FMS Solutions, LLC

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