LVD Timer w/CHP Harness

Thursday, March 2, 2023

We have seen some examples of ACCI leads not closing completely after ignition-OFF, which causes the timer to think the ignition is still ON until the GMSF shuts-down 30 minutes after ignition-OFF.  If your bike is doing this, we have a fix for the harness.  Alternatively, you can simply set the timer to the time you wish above 30 minutes and the timer will start counting after the GMSF goes to sleep 30 minutes after ignition-OFF.  If you wish to have your harness modified, we will exchange it with you.  The new harness has a resistor in the line to close the ACCI FET to 0 volts 30 seconds after ignition-OFF.  This also ensures that the ACCI is at 0 volts after ignition-OFF even with the BMW battery charger connected so there is no risk that your circuit will stay live during charging.