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Cell Phone Charger

With the proliferation of cell phone mounts, more riders are requesting a dedicated cell phone USB connection without routing the wiring on top of the fairing to the USB / Voltmeter outlet. Therefore, a dedicated USB cell phone charging outlet is available that runs from the map light plug. The converter can Velcro below the radio head mount with the cable neatly tucked away. Available with direct plug connection to map light plug, or with an in / out so that both the map light and cell phone charger can be connected to the same plug.

Fairing USB Outlet w/ Voltmeter & On-Off Switch

USB sockets are becoming more commonly installed on motor fairings to assist officers with charging cell phones, helmet headsets, etc. However, many of the available sockets when connected to the fairing power socket confuse the BMW 2.5Ah battery charger by creating a small parasitic load. FMS has sourced a quick-charge 3.0 technology USB socket with an On-Off switch, enabling the officer to turn-off the socket when not in use, therefore not creating issues during battery charging (particularly off-season storage when connected to the fairing power socket outlet). Additionally, the USB has a digital voltmeter, enabling the rider to see the state-of-charge of the battery that the voltmeter is connected to (based on the connection type selected). The voltmeter is also visible through the waterproof cover. When connected to the auxiliary battery power source, the voltmeter provides an excellent indication of your auxiliary battery state-of-charge as well as when the motorcycle is charging the aux. battery. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 446 871 USB w/67" harness for aux. battery ACC II or III FMSA-EA-USB2 $45.00 USB w/BMW plugs for harness connection to auxiliary battery FMSA-EA-USB4 $45.00 USB w/"Y" harness to connect to main battery FMSA-EA-USB1 $49.00 USB w/harness for K26 models 2006-2009 FMSA-EA-USB5 $45.00 USB w/55" fused harness for main battery connection / universal fitment FMSA-EA-USB6 $55.00 USB Only (replacement - no harness) FMSA-EA-USB3 $25.00

Fairing Waterproof Lighter Socket

Lighter outlets are commonly installed on motor fairings to assist officers with powering various devices (also see USB outlet w/voltmeter and ON-OFF switch). Located on the RH side of the fairing above the BMW power socket, the lighter socket shares the connection to the BMW/Hirschmann connectors for the accessory power socket via a special "Y" harness. It is not recommended to use USB adapters with the lighter socket unless they are removed after use (they sometimes confuse the circuit which does not shut-down properly after ignition-OFF). Also make sure to remove any adapters prior to utilizing the BMW battery charger for the same reason. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 407 785

High Strength Lid Retention Straps (Set of 2)

High Strength Lid Retention Straps were developed to provide more secure retention of the saddlebag lid, virtually eliminating the risk of retention cord stretch / breakage resulting in lid hinge binding, while providing more support when items are stored in the lid cavity using the Saddlebag Inner Cover Lid Storage. Additionally, the retention straps can replace the hydraulic lid retention mechanism on the newest models to enable use of the Saddlebag Inner Cover Lid Storage. Retention straps are made from 3/8" nylon webbing, providing exceptional strength and resistance to stretching. They are anchored at each end with a crimped M5 ring terminal and stainless-steel hardware. Saddlebag Lid Retention Straps sold as a pair (2) and include all necessary hardware.

Saddlebag Inner Cover - Lid Storage

Utilize the valuable storage space inside your BMW police saddlebag lid with the FMS Saddlebag Inner Cover. Made in the USA of high quality Cordura, the cover attaches to the saddlebag lid with a special Velcro made to withstand the high temperatures of summertime heat. Ideal for keeping your motor well organized. Convenient for storing your rain gear, reflective vest, gloves, etc. Dual zippers with Velcro tab make it easy to load and unload. Fits BMW R 1200 / 1250 RT-P saddlebag 2006 to present, F 800 GT-P Saddlebag, New F 850 GS-P & F 750 GS-P with authority saddlebag. FMS Saddlebag Inner Covers are sold individually. The new hydraulic lid retention system requires use of the optional Lid Retention Straps. The inner cover otherwise does not fit elegantly with the hydraulic retention system.
From $50.00

Side Stand Extension

FMS Accessories offers the side stand extension for the 2015+ R 1200 / 1250 RT-P. This extension not only reduces the likelihood of the stand sinking into soft pavement or grass, but provides the added bonus of easier side stand deployment! The side stand extension enables the rider to access the stand from behind the rider footrest, "sweeping" the stand to deployment without taking your eyes off the violator. No more poking your heel between the rider's footrest and the gear shift pedal ... you can saw that peg off! Since the side stand extension is bolted to the top of the stock side stand, it also does not affect the lean angle nor drag on the ground when cornering! One of the many "must have" items! Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 412 389

BT Audio Amplifier

Bluetooth amplifier with 25 watts per channel enables you to listen to your phone's music, GPS, etc. through the police motor fairing speakers. Mounts to the inside radio box lid with Velcro, connecting to the fairing speaker plug utilizing the BMW speaker plug. Depending upon which power source is available, power can be provided from either radio power supply plug, radar power plug, ACC 1-3 plugs on BMW plug strip or from the lighter socket plug (when lighter is not being used).

Map Light - LED

An LED map light is a useful addition to your motor, particularly in combination with the notepad holder, providing visibility along with a sliding red color filter. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 859

Notepad Holder

A notepad holder / bail is a very handy accessory for holding notes, directions or other documents either when parked or while riding. Constructed of formed and tumbled stainless steel, with a stainless steel clip bail riveted to the base. Includes, aluminum spacers, longer stainless steel bolts and 50 sheet notepad. Replacement notepads are available separately in Replacement Parts. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 888

Handlebar Voltmeter Display

Know and understand the condition of your auxiliary battery / charging system. Voltmeter display to provide needed information not otherwise found in the information display. Unit connects to ACC II or ACC III in radio box via included harness with connectors to provide needed battery condition during violator stops / charging verification while riding. Excellent when usage / equipment lead to low battery complaints - helps determine what conditions are causing low battery voltage. Bright white display is easy to read and remains on after ignition-OFF for approximately 30 minutes (depending upon plug connection used) to monitor battery condition / voltage level.

Power Socket Male Plug

FMS Accessories offers the male power socket plug that connects to the BMW accessory socket at the RH knee area or near the LH rear turn signal. Plug cover unscrews revealing both poles with a screw-type connection for your accessories. Very handy for spot lights, heated gear, chargers, etc. Formerly BMW PN 61 13 8 060 106

Radio Power Connection Plug Code A

BMW 2.5 mm high current plug to connect radios and other devices to the radio power plug on your BMW motor. BMW plug Code A (black housing) supplied with two sockets for 14 - 18 AWG wire connections (w/conductor & insulation crimps). Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 887

Radio Power Plug Divider

Split the BMW 2.5 mm high current radio power connection (code A) on your BMW motors into two plugs when you need to use this power source to operate more than one item. Harness is made from high quality components with professional terminal crimps and PVC insulation over wires. BMW 2.5 mm Code A socket and pin housings (black) or Code B pin and socket housings (white). Code B is used to split the lighter socket power feed. Overall length: 5.5 inches Wire size: 16 AWG. New version with dual ATM fuse holders for faster installation of radios individually fused receiver and control head. Code A formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 880 Connector: BMW 2.5 mm Radio Power Connection Plug Code A. Note: Order two (2) mating Radio Power Connection Plugs with each Radio Power Plug Divider

Accessory I-III Connection Plugs

Accessory connection plugs are used to connect accessories to the two-conductor plugs on the radio box terminal strip in positions 8, 9 and 10, referred in the BMW instructions as Accessory I, II or III. Three (3) two conductor socket housings along with six sockets are provided with each PN quantity selected. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 846

Speaker Connection Plugs

The radio speaker plug is used to connect radio speaker outputs to the six-conductor plug on the radio box terminal strip in position 12, referred in the BMW instructions as Fairing Speakers. One six conductor socket housings along with six sockets are provided with each PN quantity selected. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 844

Radar Connection Plug

The radar connection plug is used to connect accessories (including moving radar) to the four-conductor plug on the radio box terminal strip in position 11, referred in the BMW instructions as Radar Connection on the K52 / 2015 - 2022 R 1200 / 1250 RT-P models. One four-conductor socket housing along with four sockets are provided with each PN quantity selected. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 849

Helmet Headset Connection Plug

Helmet headset interface plug 8-position socket housing with 8 sockets, for connection or repair of helmet headset interface wiring. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 845

Printer Power Connector

BMW 2.5 mm Code B connector to attach Brother Pocket Jet printer power cable to the power plug vacated by the terminal bracket / lighter socket when installing the pivoting laptop / low profile printer housing in BMW motors. Connect your Brother Pocket Jet printer power cable directly to the motorcycle without a power converter. Includes duplex 2.5 mm pin housing Code B and two 18 AWG 2.5 mm pins. Note: if you have the tool you can remove the pin housing from the lighter socket and only need to purchase the 2.5 mm BMW pins. Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.

Video System Icon Plug

The video system icon plug is used to connect the video icon cable from the rear pod flasher board. This enables the user to tap into the 12V icon signal for emergency lights, left & right turn signal and brake light. This is often used to trigger body cameras as well as provide on-screen icons for full video system use. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 843

Radio Box Dual USB

USB sockets are becoming more commonly installed in the radio box. Particularly when the laptop pivot mount is installed, the stock BMW plug connector bracket must be removed, which also holds the lighter socket. FMS accessories offers a dual USB socket with exact plug & play connection as found on the stock lighter socket. The dual USB can be mounted in various locations inside the radio box to assist officers with charging cell phones, powering modems, etc. The dual USB socket has an 18" cable length with the TE/BMW 2.5 mm pin housing for direct connection to the lighter socket plug on the wiring harness (lighter socket no longer used). The lighter socket circuit is powered up to 6A and shares the power supply with the radar plug. Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.

Front Fused Power Socket Harness

Power your BMW accessory socket directly from the main motorcycle battery with this accessory cable. Fused at 10A (std. power socket is 5A), the cable can be used with heated clothing, etc. Additionally, provides a direct path for battery charging (by-passing the buss system) if the BMW charger is not used (note: direct charging then only charges the main battery and does not close the charging relay to charge the auxiliary battery). Connects directly to main battery (where fuse is located) and runs up to the RH knee panel area for connection to the BMW power socket. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 409 958

Replacement Notepads (2-pack)

Two-pack replacement notepads for the Notepad Holder. 50 sheets per pad. Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.

3M Adhesion Primer 94 / Add-On Item to Saddlebag Inner Covers

3M Adhesion Primer 94 can be used to improve the adhesion of the Velcro strips in the saddlebag lid cover kit. The small individual tubes are .022 fluid once size perfect for individual use. Follow the directions on the attached 3M Information Sheet. 3M Adhesion Primer is available in larger sizes for shop use and can be purchased directly from Amazon or other sellers.

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