NAV Wiring Connection Harness

Many riders trying to connect a GPS to the motorcycle have no access to a controlled power supply. One relatively easy access point is the BMW power socket. FMS has created several special "Y" connection harnesses to tap into the BMW power socket, which is a BC controlled power line rated at 5A. Two versions of this connection harness have been created, connection to the BMW Power Socket mounted on the RH knee panel area. Note that removal of the knee panel is required for installation. Additionally, a mating BMW GPS plug is offered for those that have a BMW GPS plug on their motorcycle but need a mating connector for their non-BMW GPS.
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The NAV connection harness has the special 3-conductor water-proof plug to mate with the BMW Navigator.  Note position 2 is plugged (LIN signal).  
The Generic harness has two .250" female blade connections, for those with a generic harness.  This enables easy connection using common connectors and crimping tools.
Note:  Ensure your GPS is OFF / removed when charging the motorcycle battery through the BMW battery charger connected through the BMW Power Socket.  Otherwise, the GPS draw could affect the charger performance.
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