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Split the BMW 2.5 mm high current radio power connection (code A) on your BMW motors into two plugs when you need to use this power source to operate more than one item. Harness is made from high quality components with professional terminal crimps and PVC insulation over wires. BMW 2.5 mm Code A socket and pin housings (black) or Code B pin and socket housings (white). Code B is used to split the lighter socket power feed. Overall length: 5.5 inches Wire size: 16 AWG. New version with dual ATM fuse holders for faster installation of radios individually fused receiver and control head. Code A formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 880 Connector: BMW 2.5 mm Radio Power Connection Plug Code A. Note: Order two (2) mating Radio Power Connection Plugs with each Radio Power Plug Divider
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Overall length:  5.5 inches

Wire size:  16 AWG

Connector:  BMW 2.5 mm high-current connectors Code A or Code B

New Version Available - Code A with two ATM fuse holders and fuses.  For use when installing radios where the receiver and control head power supply is split and each fused separately.  Enables quick installation with the appropriate fuse size for each component.  Supplied with 7.5 A and 5 A fuse.

New Version Available - Code B (clear connector) for use with Lighter Socket Plug.  Note that plug type and polarity are opposite that of the Code A version.  Use when sharing this power source with Brother PocketJet printer and Dual USB outlet.

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