Replacement Tall Ticket Book / Zebra Printer Box Mounts

Replacement mounts for various Tall Ticket Book / Zebra Printer Box mounts. Sold separately for use as a replacement part, or to change the mount when you upgrade to a different model motorcycle. Pay close attention to the photos as these mounts have subtle differences. Call for clarification at 201-264-8365 if in doubt.

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Mounts for the following:
1. Tall Ticket Book Box
2. Zebra Printer Box (forward-low-angled-in)
3. Zebra Printer Box (forward-low-straight)
4. Zebra Printer Box (forward-high)*
Note:  Storage box originally was fitted with a Lidar gun holster mount (narrow - left or right orientation).
Select the mount and orientation for your model in the options section.  *Designed for use with adapter plate - can be mounted without if mounted together with Lidar gun holster mount, but will require drilling holes.
Note:  If your protection bar is substantively bent in / back, you may not have sufficient clearance for this accessory to fit properly.  Either bend your bar back out closer to the original position or replace the bar.
Free shipping is limited to the continental United States.
Shipping charges apply to international shipments.
Note:  The addition of this or other accessories does not change the overall load limits of your motorcycle - always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for loading. 

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