Rear Side Feniex Fusion Light Mounts

Rear side emergency light mounting brackets are available for the Feniex Fusion auxiliary emergency lights sold by FMS Accessories. These plates are cut and formed stainless steel along with the appropriate stainless steel mounting screws, washers, rivets and Nylock nuts. The lights can be positioned either side facing or rear facing if desired. Feniex Fusion lights purchased separately. Note: Mounts contain a LH and RH bracket (pair) with hardware.
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Note that mounting of this or any other accessory does not alter the factory specified loading requirements of the motorcycle.

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Fairing USB Outlet w/ Voltmeter & On-Off Switch

USB sockets are becoming more commonly installed on motor fairings to assist officers with charging cell phones, helmet headsets, etc. However, many of the available sockets when connected to the fairing power socket confuse the BMW 2.5Ah battery charger by creating a small parasitic load. FMS has sourced a quick-charge 3.0 technology USB socket with an On-Off switch, enabling the officer to turn-off the socket when not in use, therefore not creating issues during battery charging (particularly off-season storage when connected to the fairing power socket outlet). Additionally, the USB has a digital voltmeter, enabling the rider to see the state-of-charge of the battery that the voltmeter is connected to (based on the connection type selected). The voltmeter is also visible through the waterproof cover. When connected to the auxiliary battery power source, the voltmeter provides an excellent indication of your auxiliary battery state-of-charge as well as when the motorcycle is charging the aux. battery. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 446 871 USB w/67" harness for aux. battery ACC II or III FMSA-EA-USB2 $45.00 USB w/BMW plugs for harness connection to auxiliary battery FMSA-EA-USB4 $45.00 USB w/"Y" harness to connect to main battery FMSA-EA-USB1 $49.00 USB w/harness for K26 models 2006-2009 FMSA-EA-USB5 $45.00 USB w/55" fused harness for main battery connection / universal fitment FMSA-EA-USB6 $55.00 USB Only (replacement - no harness) FMSA-EA-USB3 $25.00

BMW Laptop Pivot Mount w/Optional Printer Enclosure

Adapting laptop computers to motorcycles has been a challenge for years. Space on a police motor is always at a premium, yet all agencies want to utilize as much common equipment as possible, including laptops. Additionally, agencies are faced with the logistical issues of using the laptop, while wanting to keep an eye on the violator and not standing with your back to approaching traffic. FMS Accessories has developed a pivot mounting that allows the laptop to be opened and rotate around the radio box, enabling better positioning of the officer relative to the violator and traffic. Select the laptop mount type as well as the base plate mount type. Low profile printer housing shown in several photos is optional. Select roll paper spindle diameter based on your agency paper supplier. Brother PocketJet Printer not included.

Laptop Power Relay Harness

Special relay harness designed to disable power to your LIND laptop charger when the motorcycle ignition is OFF. Enables charging the laptop battery when motorcycle is running, but shuts-off 50 seconds after ignition OFF via SPST relay. Due to varied locations for LIND chargers, unit comes with long wire leads and an adhesive cable tie base to mount relay where most convenient. Note that without this relay harness, each and every time the motor is turned-OFF, the LIND charger will remain ON for 30 minutes, draining the auxiliary battery. Reducing parasitic load extends the life of the auxiliary battery!

Printer Power Connector

BMW 2.5 mm Code B connector to attach Brother Pocket Jet printer power cable to the power plug vacated by the terminal bracket / lighter socket when installing the pivoting laptop / low profile printer housing in BMW motors. Connect your Brother Pocket Jet printer power cable directly to the motorcycle without a power converter. Includes duplex 2.5 mm pin housing Code B and two 18 AWG 2.5 mm pins. Note: if you have the tool you can remove the pin housing from the lighter socket and only need to purchase the 2.5 mm BMW pins. Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.